IPAD provides assistance and advice on Minnesota's public access and privacy laws to the public and government.

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New to Minnesota's public access and privacy laws or just need a refresher?

Here is an overview of the Data Practices Act (pdf) and an overview of the Open Meeting Law (pdf). To learn more about a specific data practices or open meeting topic, hover over the "Access to Data" or "About Public Meetings" menus above.

Police Body Camera Temporary Classification Request

The City of Maplewood, along with eighteen other law enforcement agencies, requested temporary classification of certain police body camera data.

The Commissioner acted on the request on September 28, 2015.

Guidance on the classification of police body camera data.

Automated License Plate Reader Audits (**New**)

Legislation related to law enforcement agencies’ use of automated license plate readers (ALPR) places new requirements on agencies who use ALPR.

This ALPR audit guidance will assist entities prepare for the biennial audits due after August 1, 2017.

Sample Policy Guidance

IPAD developed sample policy guidance to meet the requirements in Minnesota Statutes, section 13.05, subd. 5, related to ensuring appropriate access to not public data.

Recent Commissioner of Administration Advisory Opinions

Commissioner issues Advisory Opinion 16-004 that certain data elements in combination are private education data, so employees without a work assignment/ legitimate educational interest can’t have access.

Commissioner issues Advisory Opinion 16-005 about the Open Meeting Law requirements for special meetings, as well as limits placed on a quorum, and the Westfield Township Board of Supervisors.

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