Current Temporary Classifications

A temporary classification has the same effect as other not public data but is temporary. The not public classification is in effect until it expires or until the Minnesota Legislature acts on it. Temporary classifications are made pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 13.06.

The Commissioner received the following requests for a temporary classification of data:


Description of Data

Body camera recording system data which is not active or inactive criminal investigative data unless the incident involved the use of a dangerous weapon by a peace officer or use of physical force by a peace officer that causes bodily harm, as those terms are defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 609.02. If a subject of the data requests that the data be accessible to the public, the data are public provided that data on a subject who is not a peace officer and who does not consent to the release must be redacted, if practicable. A law enforcement agency may withhold access to body camera data that is public to the extent that the data are clearly offensive to common sensibilities, which includes nudity, neighborhood disputes, dead bodies, welfare checks, domestic disputes, inside of private residences and responses to medical and mental health crises.

Affected Parties

All Minnesota government entities.


Private or nonpublic


Under review by the Commissioner of Administration.