Table Showing Duties of Responsible Authority, Designee, and Data Practices Compliance Official

Statutory Responsibility Responsible Authority Designee Data Practices Compliance Official
Prepare access procedures for members of the public and data subjects. (13.025; 13.03, subd. 2) X    
Establish procedures to ensure that data on individuals are accurate, complete, and current. (13.05, subd. 5) X    
Establish security safeguards for data on individuals. (13.05, subd. 5) X    
Establish procedures to ensure that the entity responds to requests for government data appropriately and promptly. (13.025) X    
Prepare summary data. (13.05, subd. 7) X    
Apply to the Commissioner of Administration for a temporary classification of data. (13.06) X    
Ensure that the entire entity complies with Chapter 13 and the Rules. (13.02, subd. 16; Minn. Rules 1205.0900) X    
Appoint designee(s) (optional). (13.02, subd. 6) X    
Appoint a data practices compliance official. (13.05, subd. 13) X    
Respond to requests for government data. (13.02, subd. 6; 13.03; 13.04) X X  
Responsible for files and systems containing government data. (13.02, subds. 6 and 16) X X  
Answer inquiries from the public concerning Chapter 13 or the Rules. (13.02, subds. 6 and 16; 13.05, subd. 13) X X X